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"I have been involved in several training programs that teach how to become a professional real estate investor. I must say that your program has been the most affordable and complete that I have ever used.

I have purchased my first home using these techniques after running my first ad and will make a good profit.

I wouldn't have had this success if not for the lessons I learned from taking your course."

- David Leach - Frisco, Colorado

"Here is an update on what we have accomplished during the last couple of days. We have 4 houses under contract and heading to closing!"

- Lolita Johnson - Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I came to this country 2 years ago and I decided to become a real estate investor. I picked up a property where the seller wanted to get rid of it due to a renter that had defaulted for over 6 months. We signed a purchase agreement and the next day. The purchase agreement tied up the property for a month but I found a buyer one day after signing it. I netted $3,000 from that deal. More than a licensed agent will ever make on a $12,000 property.

Your program has, by far, been a very good investment on my money. I was very doubtful at first, but when I was done reading it, I felt I could do it. It was a great push, I think it’s an investor’s bible. Anybody can do it. If an investor is starting without money, he/she can go the "assignment" way and build up fast cash flow. Right now I’m looking at a property where I will offer 10% down and a land contract with a balloon payment in 3 years. Everything I need is in your books. Truly a great reference."

- Hasan Abou Nassr - Mt. Clemens, Michigan


"Here is an update on what we have accomplished during the last couple of days. We have 4 houses under contract and heading to closing!"

- Lolita Johnson - Tulsa, Oklahoma


"Great value for the money. I particularly found the complete FILLED IN and EXPLAINED contracts helpful to understanding the subtleties involved. This book holds your hand and guides it. You get the reasoning, the method, and the tools in simple-to-understand language and an almost cook-book plain series of steps to follow."

Steve McCurdy -Houston, Texas

"The things you'll learn in this course easily make it worth 10 times the price. Even if you don't use it to invest in Real Estate, you can apply these principals to purchase a home for your residence or a bigger home if you already own a home."

- Damon Dill - Chester, Pennsylvania


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