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I understand that as a bonus for buying your toolkit, I get to TEST DRIVE your "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership"  FREE for 30 Days. This way, I can begin to increase my real estate investing income immediately & every month for as long as I stay a member. I understand that I will pay NOTHING for 30 days. I understand that after my 30 Day Free Trial I will begin to receive the lowest price for your monthly "Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Membership," which is $39.95, along with the 3 FREE Bonus gifts listed below.

I understand I will receive:

  • The latest issue of Joe's printed newsletter the The Best Real Estate Investing Newsletter On The Planet!” Which gives you complete step-by-step solutions, ideas, techniques and systems that you can use today to start filling your bank account with cold, hard cash.
  • Joe Crump’s EXPERT CD Series – A Different Audio Interview Every Month With A Real Estate EXPERT On Audio CD. Every month, either I teach or I find the EXPERT who leads the field in a particular method or technique and then grill him for all real estate secrets on a specific real estate investing topic.
  • Monthly Resource MaterialsContracts, Disclosures, Questionnaires, Direct Mail Marketing Letters, Flyers, Classified Ads, etc. AND how to use them effectively and profitably. Just one of these resources could easily make you tens of thousands of dollars.

I understand I will receive:

  1. FREE Bonus #1 - Call-In Time With Me - Three or four times a year I will make it possible for you to talk to me personally during my Real Estate Cash Flow Members Only call-in sessions. ($499 Value)  
  2. FREE Bonus #2 - Open Fax – I encourage you to fax me ANY real estate or business questions you have that you would like me to discuss in future issues of my newsletter.  (Priceless Value)
  3. FREE Bonus #3 - Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets Members ONLY Discounts – As a “Mastermind Cash Flow Member,” you will receive AT LEAST a 30% Discount on all Boot Camps, Seminars and Mastermind Member Meetings. ($3,000 Value)
  4. Today's FREE Bonus #4 - Jeff will tell you how he uses my step-by-step techniques to put together quick wholesale deals that he turns around and sells for immediate cash.

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My Personal Guarantee

NOTE: If after the FREE 30 day trial, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, simply give us a call at 317-598-1220 or fax us a note at 317-598-0605 and my office will STOP charging your credit card immediately.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. You must be completely satisfied! If not, I want you to cancel your membership.




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